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Art Museum in the Palace of Sermage

Photos and description

Just off the main square of the city, on one of North side streets is a Baroque Palace Pasinski-Sermage attracting attention by its bright orange facade, decorated with images of geometric shapes. In the XVII century it was built by Baron Franjo Pashinski, a senior Croatian nobleman. In the middle of the XVIII century the Palace became property of the family Sermage. From that time his name appeared the second part is the Palace Pasinski-Sermage. Currently, the Palace is a branch of the City Museum of Varazdin - Art gallery old and new masters and the archaeological Department. Palace Pasinski-Sermage has appeared several times as a film set for Croatian movies.

Palace Sermage is considered one of the oldest houses in Varaždin. It is built in shape of Latin letter "L" and located at the intersection of two streets. The main facade is decorated with a representative portal and stone balcony. Interestingly, this Palace is one of the first buildings in Croatia, built in the Baroque style where the portal was a balcony. The first floor of the Palace and hosts an art gallery and offices of the Museum staff, is the best preserved. During the reconstruction in 1947, there have been restored stucco decoration of ceilings, flooring, Windows and doors. Staircase in a building dated from the eighteenth century.

In the Art Museum often hosts temporary exhibitions covering various topics. Each exhibition is an important event in the cultural life of the city.