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Vinagora - Church, erected in honor of the virgin Mary, located near Krapina. The name comes from Vinagora located in this area for many centuries vineyards.

In place of the Church in the sixteenth century was a statue of Mary, which is revered as the mother of God Sinegorskiy. Farmers in between work come here to relax and to pray. Below the statue did not suffer from the weather, was erected a special canopy. For prayer and worship, people began to come from remote areas, and among them were not only poor.

News of the miraculous statue was spread wider and soon there was built a chapel, and the statue was set in. The number of pilgrims was increasing and was soon completed with two side chapels and a stone wall around the perimeter of the Holy place. So Vinagora got the shape of a cross and its present appearance and size. With the two sides to build a rise of stone stairs leading to the entrance of the temple.

Vinagora became famous not only a large parish and its priests. For a long time the parish priests succeeded each other and worked on the maintenance of the parish and of the Church itself.

During the existence of the parish was established many religious and cultural organizations, which allowed to improve the daily life of the congregation. In the parish even published their own magazine. Today Vinagora also open to believers and is a local center of spiritual and cultural life.