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The town Museum of Crikvenica

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The Museum of Crikvenica is a public institution that was founded in 2008 with the purpose of collecting, preservation, study, documentation and presentation of cultural and historical heritage of the city of Crikvenica and the surrounding area.

The Museum is located in a small two-storey building in the center of Crikvenica. Here is a collection of objects and documents relating to the history of the area Dating from different periods - from the early middle ages to the end of the twentieth century.

The Museum's collection, which began to take shape in 2008, is still actively replenished by purchases and donations. A permanent exhibition devoted to the history of the city, the Museum has not yet been established, as it is a long and laborious process. The Museum staff take part in various scientific conferences, and conduct archaeological, paleontological, and other types of research.

Currently at the Museum held various scientific and cultural events, temporary exhibitions, etc., So the Museum is trying to attract the attention of citizens and tourists and become closer to their visitors.

The staff of the Museum hosts many educational events, during which visitors get acquainted with the cultural and natural heritage of their region. These events are for people of any age and allow visitors to forget the daily routine and plunge into the world of the past, developing their knowledge and satisfy their curiosity.

Currently available to visit departments of ancient archaeology, natural history, cultural history.