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The house-Museum of Ljudevit Gaya

Photos and description

The house-Museum of Ljudevit Gaya, a famous Croatian poet, writer and linguist, open to the public since 1966. A modest one-storey yellow building with a sloping roof attracts large number of tourists interested in the history of Croatian culture. In the yard in memory of guy installed his stone bust.

In the writer's house still has the furniture, family portraits (painted by Ivan Tisov), copies of the manuscript of Gaius, printed texts, books, notebooks, and even Newspapers and magazines, editing which he did. Also here are stored the memories of contemporaries that already in early childhood, guy has shown great interest in the history of the city. He was a frequent visitor of the library of the Franciscan monastery where I first saw the manuscript of the Holy fathers of the Spots not included in other compilations, what was very inspired.

The guy was a German by birth, but at the same time so attached to and in General: Croatia, held in this city a considerable part of his life.

The Museum outlines the contributions of the writer in the development of literary Croatian language. His works presented here indicate that the guy was a real reformer of the Croatian language. Gaya is revered as a symbol of Croatia's transition from feudal system to modern civil society. In addition, because of its literary and editorial activity of Gai has done a lot to raise national consciousness of the Croats.

Archival photographs and other materials in large numbers presented in the Museum will help visitors learn more about this interesting literary and political figures of Croatia.