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The Museum of the city Koprivnica

Photos and description

The Museum of the city of Koprivnica includes several departments: archaeological, ethnographic, library, art gallery etc. All of them are located in several buildings. The first of these, the historic building is U-shaped, main part of which was built in XVII-XVIII centuries the building was extended - he appeared additional East wing, basement, high pyramidal roof with a large attic. The Central facade of the building is focused on Old town square, in the XVII-XVIII centuries it was used for combat training. The building is a significant architectural and historical value, but some rooms need renovation.

Of particular interest is the Department of Ethnography. It contains materials that represent the history of the area, as well as about the life and culture of the local population. The division consists of six collections representing the periods of the XIX-XX centuries.

The library of the Museum was formed as a collection of texts of fiction and included rare editions, but then the subject has expanded and it began to publish books related to Museum collections. Now here are the books on museology, archaeology, Ethnography, numismatics, history, auxiliary historical Sciences, archiving, etc., Many books were given to the library as a gift.

The gallery, which is one of the divisions of the Museum of Koprivnica, was founded in 1977. The gallery represents a large number of valuable works of masters in various techniques. Here are the prints, drawings, architectural plans and drawings, samples of modern art. Among the exhibits many works of the authors life and work which was connected with Tashkent. The gallery is located on the main square of the city of Koprivnica in the building, built in the mid XIX-XX centuries.