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The Serbian Church of the Holy spirit

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The Serbian Church of the Holy spirit - is an Orthodox temple in the city of Vinkovci, refers to the Serbian PTS in Eastern Croatia. In addition to this Church, in the diocese Osjecko-Baranska County also has another Orthodox Church, dedicated to Pentecost.

In its original form the Church was built in 1793, but during the Croatian war for independence in 1991, the temple was destroyed. On September 25, the first Church was robbed, and then mined and razed to the ground. The iconostasis and various equipment along with the bells was considered missing for a long time. Prior to reconstruction on the site of the Church was car Parking.

The initial stages of negotiations with the authorities on the construction of the new Church was marked by a wooden cross that was erected on the site then more car Parking. The construction of a new, identical previous, of the temple began in 2007, and his blessing and restore all of its functions occurred five years later in 2012.

The iconostasis and bells, missing in 1991, was returned to the new Church thanks to an anonymous source, who reported their location.

Interesting is the fact that in 1821, in the Serbian Church of the Holy spirit, was baptized Joseph Runjanin - author of the national anthem of Croatia ("Our beautiful homeland"), and Serbian artist Sava Sumanovic.