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Old bridge

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The old bridge was designed in 1925, began its construction through the Kupa river. In those years, Sisak experienced rapid economic growth and the city began to actively invest in infrastructure development. A new bridge was built next to the old wooden bridge, which in 1934 (after final completion) has been destroyed.

After replacing the broken wooden bridge to the new authorities began to strengthen the embankments of the river Kupa. The reason for this concern riparian lands was frequent flooding and flash flooding, causing the city serious damage for several years.

The appearance of the bridge attracted attention in its construction as much as now. Spans under the bridge allow you to pass beneath it, a small sailing and cargo ships.

The construction of the bridge greatly transformed the landscape of the old town square - the core of the New district of Sisak. Once the area were the main outlets in the city, so the construction of a new, more reliable bridge greatly facilitated the transportation of grain and other goods from one coast to the other.

Interestingly, in the same 1934 Sisak got another bridge (over the river Oder), the appearance of both bridges greatly contributed to the economic development of the city.