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The Church Of The Virgin

Photos and description

Mother Church located in the heart of the Old town of korčula. Walking through the narrow medieval streets of the city, you come upon the area where is located the Church of the Lord.

The building dates from the XV century (1438) and when this Church was built by local craftsmen, by order of the noble families of korčula - Gabardelli and Ismaelis. Since the time of construction, the Church has undergone several reconstructions and restorations.

In the eighteenth century were installed in the main altar, and the amazing mosaic behind the altar - the work of modern masters. The mosaic was created by the Dutch artist Louis Richella. The work took him several years (1964 to 1967) and is still mosaic pleases the visitors of the Church.

With ancient times on the territory of the Church there are graves of members of the local noble families, also here is the tomb of the protector of this land from Turkish invasions, the local priest and hero of Rozanovica. All burials miraculously survived during the war and to have survived beautifully decorated tombstones.

Currently, the Church is the art gallery, here are exhibited works of beautiful art by local artists, everyone can see them during a visit to the Old town of korčula.