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House Museum Blaise of Bukovec

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House Museum Blaise of Bukovaca - famous Croatian painter, the founder of the contemporary art in Croatia, is a typical mansion of the late XVIII - early XIX centuries. The house is a small two-storey building with a South-facing garden and spacious backyard in the North. It is located on one of the streets near the city's waterfront town of Cavtat.

During archaeological excavations at the North wall of the house discovered the remains of buildings belonging to the Roman period, as well as ceramics.

The house was bought by the artist's grandfather, the Italian seaman, Giuseppe Fashion, during one of his travels he married and stayed to live in Cavtat. The house consists of several parts - Western and Eastern. Sapana part of the house consists of one large room, used for commercial purposes, including as a private Studio, as well as the living room and stolovuyu. The Eastern part of the building is divided into several small spaces.

After the artist's death in 1922, his daughter was restored Studio and turned it into an exhibition space open to visitors. Here is presented the main work of Blaise Bukovica (thirty of the most interesting and valuable works of art) and elements of the home environment: furniture, household items, personal belongings of different times of life Bukovaca. Particularly noteworthy wall paintings which cover the walls in the Eastern part of the house, they were created by Bukovaca before his departure to Paris to study.

In the mid 60-ies of XX century the house was bought by the Yugoslav Academy of arts and Sciences. Some time after this the Museum was closed, but in 2004, after major repair and reconstruction, he again takes visitors. The main exhibition moved to the first floor and on the ground now hosts exhibitions of modern paintings by local and foreign artists. For visitors house Museum is open throughout the year.