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Church. Elijah

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The ancient Church which we now know to be called the Church of St. Elijah was built by the villagers Pesca in 1298. Only at the end of the XV century, it was consecrated in honor of St. Elijah the Prophet. The area around the temple, surrounded by a stone wall oval, was once a cemetery. Even now you can see the remains of gravestones with inscriptions almost indistinguishable.

Currently in the vicinity of the Church there is no towns and villages. So it makes no sense to conduct their worship, which one will not be present. In this regard, the priest comes here only once a year, on the feast of the patron of the Church of St. Elias, which is celebrated on August 20 and serves as a solemn mass. The inhabitants of the surrounding villages are well aware of one-year service and going before the Church of St. Elijah in advance to be sure to hear the sermon of the local priest. That day the desert area around the Church, overgrown with grass, transformed. Some of the believers after the service, stay here for picnics.

The Church of St. Elijah, built of stone, looks abandoned and neglected. A small window on the main facade, more like the loophole that has no glass, but simply barred. The door, knocked together from horizontal wooden planks could be seen in any barn or granary, but certainly not in the Church. The temple tower is a through arch for the bell, which is now empty, then there is a bell in an abandoned Church there. Despite these deficiencies, the Church of St. Elijah is a local landmark. These often bring tourists. Most tours of the district begins with a visit to this temple.