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Palace Ended

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On the road that connects the castle and the cemetery more like a Park, with bus station, that is, outside the city walls you can see the great noble estates of powerful nobles Ended. This two-story structure painted a soft pink color, its form and architectural style similar to other traditional Varazdin Baroque mansions.

The construction of the Palace Ended began in the 60-ies of the XVIII century. Then the representatives of the rich and not in need of anything Arded family that ruled the region where the first and second floors for several centuries and lived in local, surviving without much changes in the castle, decided that they needed a more modern residence, which was outside the city, in makeshift shopping district - close to business partners. Castle of varaždin was not habitable: it is poorly heated, it used to be draughty, and he did not meet the requirements of the fashion of the time. The street Machine Vraza a new mansion Erdodi. The main stone portal of the Palace in the Rococo style.

In the mid-nineteenth century, this mansion was completely redesigned for the needs of the Capuchins. The works were supervised by architect Francis Arnold, an ardent supporter of the classical style in architecture. Currently, the Palace Ended is very popular in the city music school, where students constantly give concerts. To visit them can be anyone.

Immediately behind the Palace Arded stands the Church of the Holy Trinity, which belonged to the Capuchins.