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Memorial Park Borik

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Memorial Park Borik is one of the attractions of Rijeka, dedicated to the tragic war years 1939-1945. The Park is located near Voinovich. It opened in 1946.

Today the territory of the Park includes pine forest, pine and deciduous trees, itself a memorial and a cemetery where are buried the Serbs and Croats who were killed during bloody Second world war.

If you move the main access road, you will be able to see the Central composition of the complex is a monument of "Call to rebellion". It was created by sculptor Bakich by VION. He presented his work to the townspeople in memory of his four dead brothers. The monument is surrounded by plates engraved with the names of those who died in the war.

"Call to rebellion" in 1951 was moved to another area of the Stjepan radić, but in 1978 it was returned back to the Park. During the war for independence in the late 90s, a memorial plaque ahead of the entrance to the cemetery, it was broken, and the monument is blown up. The original fragments of the monument today preserves within its walls the City Museum of Rijeka.

A couple of decades the Park was in disrepair, but in 2010 for visits to officially opened revived and reconstructed the memorial complex. The sculpture, which has become Central, has been restored, and the whole territory of the Park are well kept. In its Western part there is a Seating area and a children's Playground.