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The Franciscan Church. John The Baptist

Photos and description

Franciscan Church of St. John the Baptist is located in Varaždin. This attraction is interesting not only in religious but also in architectural terms.

First located at the same place the Church and the monastery was burned during a fire. A new Church in the Baroque style with a beautiful stone portal was built in 1650 by Peter Gabba from Graz. In 1641 the Church tower was the tallest in the city - it has reached the height of 54.5 m.

In the center of the main altar, and the painting, which depicts Saint John during the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan. Of particular value is the pulpit, richly decorated with wood carvings depicting Jesus and the twelve apostles (thread dates back to 1670 year). At the moment, this work is considered one of the most beautiful in Croatia.

The stone sculptures that adorn the Church were made varazdinske sculptor John Jacob Altenbach. In addition, no less interesting will take a look at the frescoes in the chapel of St. Joseph, created in the second half of the XVII century.

Near the Church is a three-storey monastery where you can see the icons of the XVII and XVIII centuries, as well as cult objects and incunabula. The appearance of the monastery complex preserved from 1678. Next to the Franciscan monastery is the pharmacy, the arches of which were painted in 1750 by artist Ivan Rangera.