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Museum Marton is located in the small town of Samobor (Croatia) and holds works of art of a famous collector Veljko Marton, he collected over forty years. The collection is divided into several sections. Collected the items in the collection mainly date from the XVIII and XIX centuries, combines them, and territorial origin - all of them were created in Central and Western Europe.

Here is a collection of crystal, silver, furniture, paintings, clocks, and a rare collection of European porcelain. Many of the pieces in this collection have been exhibited in various museums of the world, particularly in Paris, the Museum of the Sevres porcelain, the Liechtenstein gallery in Vienna and Museum Querini stampalia in Venice.

Veljko Marton managed to assemble such an impressive collection due to the large number of contacts with the most famous collectors of the world, as well as Directors of museums - all this gave him the opportunity to visit numerous exhibitions and purchase exhibits for its collection.

Museum Marton is known as a young and ambitious institution that is constantly expanding its collection and attracts more and more visitors to their events. Currently the Museum is undergoing rapid creative development.