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Church. Anastasia

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The Church of St. Anastasia for the first time mentioned in 1334. During its existence, the Church was rebuilt many times, its present appearance it got in 1671. It is known that the Church was built at the expense of Countess Anna Elisabeth of Auersperg. For the erection of the Church the Countess hired Italian architect and builders.

The Church of St. Anastasia is a bit like the Church of Saint Catherine, located in Zagreb. First and foremost, they share a style of early Baroque. In 1688, was re-equipped interiors of the Church, there are new decorations and altars.

Much later in 1897, the well-known Zagreb artist Marco Antonini adorned the walls of his Church with paintings. The facade of the Church was rebuilt and embellished in the Renaissance style, and the 36-meter high bell tower that dominates Sambora and offer a magnificent view of the city her rises have roofs, executed in the Baroque style.

In 1925, in honor of the next anniversary of the existence of Croatian Kingdom before the Church was a statue of the blessed virgin Mary. Also near the Church a monument to the famous resident of Samobor M. Banowetz.