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Palace Patalic

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Palace Patalic is one of the most valuable monuments in the Rococo style, preserved in Varaždin. It was built in 1764 and during his long history it has managed to preserve its original appearance. Even a serious fire in 1776 could not hurt Palace.

The Palace was built Patalic richest merchant Daniel Praunsperger known in Varaždin philanthropist. The building was built according to the advanced trends of the time. The first and second floors were built in the late Baroque style. Also, in some parts of the Cathedral are notable elements of the Rococo.

Throughout its history, the Palace passed from one host to another I bought, savamala, otsuzhivalis in litigation and were inherited. The whole XVIII century, the Palace was home to a family of Potasic, this family and their home was always a center of cultural and social life of the city. After the financial collapse of the family, Potasic the Palace was in front of the property of the city and used for various purposes.

During the last reconstruction in 1990-ies was discovered beautiful wall paintings. Paintings have been preserved on the first and second floors of the building, mostly Dating from the XVIII century. They depict scenes from the history of varaždin.

Above the entrance to the Palace is placed the symbol of the "God's eye". The Windows of the Palace are unique and have incredible views of the street, Gundulic and Franciscan square. On one of the buildings on the Palace grounds, remained the emblem of a turtle. This symbol was said shopping establishment.