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Kapucinska Church. Trinity

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Kapucinska Church. Trinity and monastery complex was built in 1701, which was invited to the Zagreb Bishop Stefan. The temple was consecrated in honor of St. Trinity in 1706, with the participation of Bishop Martin Brajkovic, in the presence also of John and Ban Dashkovicha, army generals.

The design of the Church was designed in 1699 a native of Bologna, a Capuchin monk by Valentinian. The money, which the Holy cloister was built, donated the most noble family. And with the Capuchins, an agreement was signed according to which they were to preach in the Croatian language.

For a long time lived in the monastery novices, and in the XIX and XX centuries studied here, several students who attended high school. They were the first in Franciscan high school. As a result of this influx of young people there is a need to build housing for Seraphic Seminary, which then was transferred to the monastery. Construction began in the courtyard behind the Church.

After the Second world war, in 1970, the monastery was restored and reconstructed, and since 1974 it began to be called "the Center for the education of trainees".