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Museum of Bishop Strossmayer

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Museum of Bishop Strossmayer, in the Croatian town of Đakovo was founded may 4, 1991, despite the decision back in 1986, the decision to create it. It was planned to open the Museum in 1989, but the building was completed only in 1990. Despite the official opening in may, visitors to the Museum to take began somewhat later because of the threat of war. For the audience it was available only on 20 July of the same year. The first exhibition was opened in April 1992, it was the exhibition of Ivan Lukowich called "Cry for help".

The diocese, together with the Croatian Ministry of culture has opened in the Museum permanent exhibition associated with the life of Bishop Strossmayer Croatian Catholic Bishop, theologian and philanthropist, a prominent political and public figure of the 19th century. The art collection contains portraits of Bishop Strossmayer, whose authors were different artists: M. Stein, K. Fresl, T., Krizman, O. Ivekovic, D. Babic. There are also exhibits paintings commissioned by the Bishop, and the Bishop of sculptures created by I. Kedichem, R. Vladeem and I. Mestrovic.

The Museum contains a rich collection of paintings by contemporary Croatian artists (300). Many of the paintings were donated to the Museum. The collection includes 120 paintings by the artist Zdravko Kosice. In the Museum you can also see the layout Rakovskovo Cathedral, dressed as a Bishop. Collection of books and documents includes copies of, or otherwise associated with the life and work of Bishop Strossmayer.