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Church. Anthony Of Padua

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Church. Anthony of Padua and Franciscan monastery was built in Koprivnica in 1290. Initially, the monastery and the Church was named St. James, then of the blessed virgin Mary. In 1372 they were destroyed, and later at the behest of the Queen Elisabeth restored.

All the property of the Franciscans was removed from Koprivnica. According to some, the Franciscans did not appear in the city until 1561. After the Franciscan Church was occupied by father Paul Primogenitum and was used as a parish Church. But in 1644 by the decision of Emperor Ferdinand III, the monastery and the Church was returned to the Franciscan monks.

From 1662 to 1668. Franciscan monks participated in the construction of a wooden monastery in the following century the building was rebuilt in brick. In 1685 was built the Church, and in 1692 the chapel of our lady of Loreto.

The Franciscans have always influenced the cultural and educational life of Koprivnica. Between 1740 and 1785 for they were teachers in elementary school in the city. In the XVIII century in the monastery was opened in the University, where he taught philosophy, theology and rhetoric.

Throughout its history the monastery was destroyed many times due to wars, earthquakes and fires. But in 1923-1924 old dilapidated building was demolished and in its place was built a new monastery building. It looks quite modest, has one floor, a small chapel and attached bell tower. The Church survived a particularly valuable inventory and altars of wood in the Baroque style.