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Church. Mary Of Jerusalem

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The Church of St. Mary in Jerusalem was founded in 1750. The reason for its construction was the arrival from Jerusalem of a statue of the virgin Mary. The Church has the original oval layout of the extensions on the sides and a vaulted arch that separates the sanctuary from the choir. The Church was built in the tradition of Styrian Baroque, often referred to oval shapes.

Facade with a bell tower is covered with decorative elements in the style of late Baroque. The interior of the Church painted in 1772 by Anton Lerchinger. The Central fresco depicts the virgin surrounded by many angels. On the vaulted arches, images of the virgin Mary and St. Dominic.

The main altar, the sculptor Philipp Jacob Straub, Graz, is a statue of, brought from Jerusalem in 1669. Saltany the way of mouldings and Corinthian columns on the sides are figures of St. Dominic and St. Theresa, and in the upper part of the altar - the image of God the Father and angels. In the sacristy are preserved polychrome marble cabinets, and objects of ecclesiastical situation created, like the altar itself, under the influence of Styrian Baroque.

At the first stage the construction of the Church did master Joseph Javornik, which remained practically no information, was completed by building architect Joseph Hoffer.