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Cathedral. Teresa Of Avila

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Cathedral. Teresa of Avila (also known as Bjelovarski Cathedral) is a Roman Catholic Church in Bjelovar. Is a monument of architecture, belongs to the diocese of Bjelovar-Križevci. The status of the Cathedral received in December 2009, when it was formed by the diocese with the centre in Bjelovar. First it was an ordinary parish Church.

The history of the Church goes back to the XVIII century. In 1756, the city has completed construction of a large fortress dedicated to the fortification works on creation of Military Krajina border region in the South of the Habsburg Empire. As a result, the city's population was replenished by many workers. In 1761 in Bjelovar Military authorities of Krajina were invited to the Czech monks, representing the order of the piarists.

The only religious building at the time the city was only a tiny chapel, so the authorities decided to build a spacious Church. In April 1765 laid the Foundation of the temple, and by 1770 was ready for the main part. In October 1772 the consecration of the temple in the name SV. Teresa Of Avila. The choice fell on Saint Teresa, because she was the patron Saint of Maria Theresa, the Queen, the Empress and Archduchess. The construction of the bell tower at the Church's façade was completed by 1774. The finished building was the personification of the Baroque style.

In 1880, an earthquake, which caused damage to the temple, but eight years later the Church was reconstructed and rebuilt according to the plan of the architect Herman Bolle. The Church interior has been significantly upgraded in 1896.

Until 1980, the Church was the only religious building in Bjelovar and its surroundings, the parishioners were all Roman Catholics of the city. However, in 1980 it carried out the construction of yet another Church - St. Anthony of Padua.

At the end of the war of independence, where the Church also suffered (including three parishioners who died during prayers in the Church), the Church was restored. In memory of the women killed in the walls of the temple, has a special plaque.