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The city of Klanjec first mentioned in historical documents in 1463. Originally it was a village and its name is connected with the gorge Zelenyak, in which it was located (“klanac” translated from Croatian means “gorge”).

After changing a few owners of this land for four centuries belonged to the family of Thomas Bacach Erdodi. At the end of the XVI century the Turkish threat disappears, so the city begins construction of a comfortable and spacious mansions.

In the XVI century Klanjec has the status of a market town and holds it until the mid-nineteenth century. On the territory of Clonlara at different times was inhabited by different noble families who certainly influenced the economic and cultural development of the city. The population of Klanica mainly engaged in gardening, but were also common crafts. The documents referred to butchers, masons, locksmiths, shoemakers, furriers, potters and jewelers.

On the territory of Clareza preserved castle (New castle), which in its architectural and historical significance is unique in the entire Croatian region of Zagorje. The castle was built in 1603, as evidenced by carved stone inscription over the main entrance to the castle.

The special architecture of the castle in that the vertical elements of the facade (an allusion to Baroque) are distributed in Vienna in 1610, this means that the castle was built in the pioneering manner. The castle is built in Renaissance style, it has a rectangular base, a courtyard and circular towers at the corners. The buildings of the inner court is mainly commercial and administrative buildings. Since the mid-nineteenth century, much of which belonged to the family Erdodi was sold out.