/ / The ruins of the Roman Andautonia in Mitreva

The ruins of the Roman Andautonia in Mitreva

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Andautonia the Roman ruins is the archaeological Park, located in the village Sicario. On the territory of 2500 sq. m visitors have the opportunity to explore the preserved part of the once majestic Roman settlement. All additional information about the structures and the individual objects contained on a special Bulletin Board.

During the archeological excavations was discovered a portion of the main street, paved with stone slabs, with a total length of 27 meters, where among other things remained the base of the colonnade. Scientists have found that on the East side of the street, before there were public baths with a semicircular pool and corridors and channels. Partially preserved even heating.

In the Western part of the settlement was discovered a street with two buildings. According to studies, this part of the city was restored several times in the past three centuries - from II to IV century. Found fragments of wall paintings, mosaics, and heating system - all this indicates that the building at the time, was luxuriously furnished.

At the site was found pottery and glass vessels, lamps, silver and bronze jewelry and other household items. Such findings have led scientists to the conclusion that the settlement of Andautonia in the heyday was a large enough shopping center.

In the course of excavations it also became known that in the I century on the same place where later was built the baths, the city's cemetery, later destroyed by flood.

After visiting the main part of the Roman city, tourists can see stone statues, found in the parish Church of Andautonia.