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Franciscan monastery and Church. Trinity

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The Franciscan monastery in Slavonski Brod was founded in 1727, and the completion took place at the end of the XVIII century. The monastery was built so long (almost 80 years), because the only source of funding was donations of citizens. The knowledge of this fact strengthens the awareness of the value of the structure, and one can only wonder the beauty and richness of interior decoration.

Franciscan monastery consists of three main buildings. In General, the monastery looks quite elegant and not massive, all lines of this structure, elegant and soft, despite the fact that a significant part of the monastery, rebuilt in the Baroque period, during its existence, has lost its former greatness.

The building of the monastery has almost no external ornaments, which emphasizes the ascetic spirit of the monks of the Franciscans. But inside the Church is a quite rich, the interior is literally full of Baroque splendor. Front, “overloaded” in true Baroque style, the altar conveys the greatness of the Holy Trinity. For the splendor of the interior decoration, the monastery is recognized as the brightest gem of architectural art in the region.