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Palace Jankovica

Photos and description

Jankovica Palace, located in the Croatian town of Daruvar, was built from 1771 to 1777, the year under the leadership of count Antun janković. The project of the Palace was designed by an unknown architect. The Palace built in Baroque style and located in the city centre.

Palace Jankovica located on a hillside and surrounded by lush gardens. The building has three wings that are the basis of the fourth side of outbuildings. The ground plan is U-shaped, based on organization of space are the longitudinal corridors. Main wing with columns connected with other by means of two monumental staircases. On the main facade there are three tabs with rich decor. On the ground floor is a large hall. The roof of the Palace built by mansard type.

From 1868 to 1870 the castle has been renovated by the Countess Julia Jankovic, his original appearance did not change significantly. The main entrance was added a portico with columns, was carried out reconstruction of the interior of the Palace. Reconstruction was carried out under the leadership of Viennese architect Koenig, and Julia Manstein, also from Vienna, was the decorator. On old photographs you can see the interiors of the Palace of the 19th century.

In the 1920's, the Palace was bought by the municipality of Daruvar, later it was located school.