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Museum Turopolje

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Museum Turopolje is a natural science Museum, located in the former city hall. Built in the Baroque era in 1750, the building served as both a prison that occupied the first floor, and a room for meetings (first floor, respectively).

The Museum building was converted in 1960 and since then it contains the richest collection of historical, archaeological and cultural artifacts. The exposition of Museum consists of about 3,500 thousand exhibits, divided into four thematic collections: archeological, ethnographic, historical, cultural and artistic items.

The permanent exhibition occupies the entire second floor and includes about 350 exhibits from all four of the above collections. The first floor of the Museum is an exhibition hall for temporary exhibitions, and also here is some items from the Museum collections.

Museum Turopolje is one of the unique museums, as concerned with the cultural heritage of the region. In addition, the Museum was elected as the storage of large photo collections containing more than twenty thousand photographs, revealing the history of Velika Gorica.