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Town Obstacle traces its history from the middle Ages. On the Northern slopes of mount ConAgra today can see the remains of an ancient castle. During the Turkish invasions, the castle was looted and abandoned, and subsequently for a long period of time was reconstructed, but was never restored completely.

The architectural gem of the city is the Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin. Its height is 38 meters and the length is 19 meters. The Church was built in the neoclassical style. The dominant elements are the two tall towers with a triangular pediment. In 1876 was held the last restoration, plastered and repainted walls, updated pediments, doors, Windows and roof of the building.

The main altar was installed in 1844 and resembles a spacious and elegant tent in the center of which is the depiction of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary. In the temple there is another side altars - St. Joseph with his image in the human growth, made by an unknown artist, the altar of Saint Epiphanios, and the altar of All Saints. In the Church was installed on the famous master Francis Vojta purchased in 1854.

In the South-East, the city is home Dubrava, the exact time of its construction was not preserved, and also one-storey Palace Bezanec having a rectangular shape and is built in style of late Baroque and classicism.

Also in the Obstacle preserved two-storey building of the XIX century, in which he was born and for some time lived a famous writer Janko Leskovar (1861-1949 gg) and the famous chemist and a plant for the production of drugs Adolf Thierry, known throughout Europe for pharmacist.