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The Croatian school Museum

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The Croatian school Museum is located in the state capital, Zagreb. The Croatian school Museum is annually visited by many tourists interested in the features and history of school education in Croatia.

The gallery's history starts in 1901, when it was founded by the Croatian literary and educational society. Since the founding of the school of the Museum of Croatia is located in the state House of teacher. Today it is the only Museum in the state specializing in the field of education. In the collection of the school Museum are the exhibits telling about the past and present of Croatian pedagogy and education. In several halls of the Museum houses a permanent exhibition, which has approximately a thousand items. In 1900, during the world exhibition in Paris, there were many exhibits from those that can be seen today in the Museum.

At the school Museum is situated pedagogical library, which has about 30 thousand rare books and reference books. From time to time in the school Museum of Croatia carried out various educational conferences, lectures, training seminars as well as thematic cultural-historical exhibition, dedicated to education and pedagogy.

For the convenience of tourists with children in the Museum building include a games room where you can leave the child at the time of the tour.