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Church. Agatha

Photos and description

The Church of St. Agatha is located on Kananaskis road near Barat Vidulini. Nave building with an apse traditional forms built in the Byzantine style. The Church, as previously thought, was built not later than the 10th century, but the researchers then found that it belongs to the buildings of the 6th century found by archaeologists and dated them this period.

On the walls of the apse can be seen a floral pattern, typical for the art of Istria in the Middle ages. The frescoes decorating the West wall of the Church and for many years was covered with layers of lime and was restored in 1949. Completely destroyed the frescoes, located on the East side of the apse and in its upper part. They represent samples of Benedictine art afonskogo period. The frescoes experts attribute the turn of 11-12 centuries.

On one of the frescoes we see the image of Jesus Christ on the throne surrounded by angels, on the other eleven apostles. To the left of the arched entrance is depicted the sacrifice of Abraham, Cain is depicted on the right. The frescoes in the Church of St. Agatha a simple plot, which is typical for the art of the early middle Ages. They are proof of the existence of independent schools of painting in Istria in the early middle ages.

The Church of St. Agatha in 1760, was restored, was erected a new altar in the Baroque style.