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Big Mlaka

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Big Mlaka (translated from Croatian - "big heart") is a small village located five kilometers South of the border with the New near Zagreb and Velika Gorica. According to the census of 2001, the village population was 3306 residents, making it the most populous paragraph after Velika Gorica.
Today, many believe the village residential area of Zagreb, but as an independent territorial unit it has existed for almost 700 years.

Among the attractions worth noting is the wooden chapel of St. Barbara, which is located in the center of town, just a 10-minute walking trip to the North of the highway. The Church is among the most outstanding monuments of architecture in the region, made in the traditional style. It was built in 1642, and reconstructed in 1912.

After perestroika, the Church was a porch decorated with symbols of the sun and various ornaments. Also interesting is the ceiling and the main altar which is covered with paintings. They belong to the XVII-XVIII centuries and tells them about the life of Saint Barbara.

To get to the Big Mlaky by bus from Velika Gorica.