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Gallery old and new masters in the Palace of Sermage

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Gallery old and new masters in the Palace of Sermage is part of the Foundation of the Museum of varaždin, based in Palace building. Also here is the archaeological Department. The Palace building itself was built in the XVII century. It is the personification of the Baroque style. Until the XVIII century the Palace belonged to the family of Baron Francis Prusinski, and later the building passed into the possession of the family Sermage.

An exhibition entitled "Contemporary Croatian art gallery" was opened in the Old city in 1939 and was the beginning of a future extensive collection of the best examples of visual art in Croatia. At the origins of the collection lie in the works of Stephen Leitner and Marusevich. In 1947 the Museum moved into the Palace Sermage and became known as the "Gallery of old and new masters", the name it bears today.

Gallery exposes visitors to more than three thousand works, a significant number of whom - the old masters, they are the basis of the exhibition. Today, the Museum exhibits 61 picture painted in the XV-XIX centuries. The most valuable are the works of the Dutch masters of the XVII and XVIII centuries. Portrait painting of the XIX century is represented with works by local artists and naturalists: A. Moiseeva, M. Roamer, M. Building. There are also works by contemporary Croatian painters and sculptors.

All the work is divided into collections: about 1,000 works of art created in various techniques of painting in the time interval from XV to XX century; about 300 drawings are part of a special collection, which includes works of XIX-XX centuries. Is the collection of unique prints created from the beginning the XVII and XX century. There is also a selection of 48 works Milenko Stancich, which includes sketches, paintings and engravings of the master, as well as documents and photographs related to the life of this talented artist.

In addition to the permanent exhibition for local the Department regularly organizes temporary exhibitions that show the stages of development of not only specific artists, but art in Croatia in General.