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The Palace Of Dashkovicha

Photos and description

The Grand Palace that belonged in his time to rich Draskovich, located on the Central square of varaždin - square kralj Tomislav. It is surrounded by beautiful Baroque palaces with elegant architectural details on the facades, massive balconies and antique portals. These buildings were built by the richest people of the city: merchants and nobles.

On the site of the present Palace Draskovic in the XVI century there was a house that probably belonged to Vuk Draskovic. Then the old mansion was demolished and the vacant site in 1616 built a new Palace. Unfortunately, it has not survived to our time, because damaged during a devastating fire that destroyed most of the city of varaždin. A modern building was erected in the second half of the XVIII century.

This Palace is remarkable that in 1756 settled here, count Ferenc nadasdy, and for a short period from 1765 to 1776 years, varaždin became the capital of Croatia. Moreover, the count had married a young and beautiful widow of Kazimir drašković Hungarian Malatinsky Suzanne, who was a Protestant, and at the time of meeting with her future husband Draskovic still a married woman. Casimir, in his time, paid taxed her first husband and did everything to Suzanne became his wife. When Casimir died, his widow grieved for only 3 months, before becoming Countess nadasdy.

In the second half of the XVIII century in the Palace of Dashkovicha seat of the Croatian Parliament, and in 1767 it became the residence of the Royal Board of governors.

Above the stone portal of the Palace attracts the attention of beautiful gold relief with the coat of arms of the family of Dashkovicha.

In some city centres Varazdin arranged in museums, so they have no problem to see the inside. The Palace of Dashkovicha is privately owned and closed to the public.