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Museum of the city of Varazdin

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The city Museum of varaždin occupies the halls of the local castle, which is called the Old castle. The fortress of Varazdin was first mentioned in the XII century. It is believed that in those days it was occupied by the mayor of the city. At the end of the XIV century are settling in here the counts of Celje, who altered the castle, giving it a Gothic character. Meanwhile, dates back to the Central castle building, which was formerly surrounded by a wooden palisade. In the XVI century there was another reconstruction. In 1544 the fortress was surrounded by walls with round towers, which in turn girded another series of clay walls and a moat filled with water. So the castle was turned into a powerful fortress, able to withstand the Turkish army. Subsequent owners, the nobles Erdody castle the Old castle was rebuilt in the Baroque style.

Nowadays, the castle turned into a Museum. In his forty halls of the rich collection of archaeological finds, historical items, weapons, valuable furniture, works of art. Here you can see the clock, portraits of the owners of the castle, porcelain, pottery and many other items of everyday life of the nobility and the wealthy bourgeoisie of the city of varaždin.

Once inside the castle, do not miss the opportunity to explore the local chapel of St. Lawrence. It is located on the first floor of the manor house. It was erected by order of one of the owners of the Palace - Toms of Bokach Ageda. So he said the victory over the Ottomans in 1593. Near the chapel is a fortress tower, which is also part of the Museum.

City Museum also has two branches, which occupy the premises of the palaces Prusinski-Sermage and Herzer.