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Church of Mary of Snow in Belec

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The Church of St. Mary Snow in Belec is one of the finest examples of Baroque art in Northern Croatia. The first mention of the Church occurs in 1676 (it is referred to as the chapel). The Church was built in two years by order of Keglevich Elizabeth, widow of count Georg Keglevich.

The Church looks simple: a one-storey building, surrounded by a stone wall, it was attached to a chapel and sacristy, and from the West facade towers. Particular emphasis is placed on the Central entrance to the Church, lined with wrought iron.

Despite the simplicity of the structure and symmetrical architecture, the interior of the Church is of special interest for lovers of Baroque art. In the Church preserved ancient Golden wood furniture, Baroque lamps and sculptures as well as wall paintings.

Particularly compelling are five Baroque altars and frescoes, preserved in the arches and ceilings of the Central nave. This is not surprising because the frescoes were made by famous artist of Austrian origin, a monk Ivan Ranzher.

The German art critic Arthur Schneider calls the Church of Mary of Snow in Belec jewel among preserved examples of Baroque art.