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Church. Anton

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In the area of Novigrad, and around the other cities in Istria, in the past centuries there appeared a small rural churches, designed more for casual travelers than for locals. Churches were always open for believers. Near Novigrad has preserved to our time the only such temple. This Church of St. Anton. She stands at a distance from the old town, opposite the Marina Novigrad.

Church of St. Anton was built in the Gothic style. Minor changes in its appearance were made during the reconstruction in the XVII century. Another repair took place two centuries later - in the XIX century. The Church was slightly expanded, and the side wall, the builders made two more Windows.

The recent restoration of the temple became possible thanks to the coordinated actions of the local priest, who coordinated the restoration work, and a number of specialists who updated the exterior of the building and its interior. After repairs to the opening of the Church was attended by the Bishop of poreč and Pula dragen Kutlesh. In his speech he thanked all who participated in the restoration of the Church and emphasized the artist Bruno Garlando, who wrote on the temple walls murals. On the Central painting depicts the scene of Jesus ' death, the Cross can be seen of St. Anton the Abbot and St. Anthony of Padua. Right mural dedicated to the scene from the life of St. Anthony of Padua, and the left image of the temptation of Saint Anton the Abbot.

In addition to these frescoes, in the Church of St. Anton there is another scene way of the Cross depicted Novigrad artist libere Saint Gorton.