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The Mosque Of Hala Sultan Tekke

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The mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke, located on the shore of the famous Salt lake in Larnaca is one of the most famous mosques of not only Cyprus, but all over the world. It is the fourth most important Islamic site after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem al-Aqsa. In addition, it, which is quite unusual for a mosque, was built in honor of the women of Umm Haram. Some sources claim that she was the foster mother of the prophet Muhammad, others that she was the wife of one of his confidants. But, anyway, her name is inextricably linked to the founder of Islam. According to legend, she, like other noble Arab ladies who were obliged to accompany their Museum in military campaigns, went with the army his wife to Cyprus. But there by accident, she died after falling from a mule. Buried her by the lake, and on her grave was erected a huge stone weighing 15 tons. It is believed that this block is a chip of the meteorite, which has healing properties. So long time to it flocked crowds of pilgrims, eager miracle. It is the place where they were buried Umm Haram, and later, after the victory of the Ottomans in the battle for the island, was built a small mausoleum, around which then came the great mosque.

It was built in 1816, and around her was a lush garden with large fountains. The temple has an octagonal shape and only one minaret. Next to the "female" part of the mosque there is a small well that previously, the dervishes made a wish. If it is true, according to ancient tradition, they were to serve this Church. Therefore, in Hala Sultan Tekke, there are a few buildings, inhabited by such people.

In addition to the Umm Haram is buried there, several other prominent Muslim figures.

At the moment the mosque is almost non-existent service. Only twice a year on major holidays there prayers. All the while, the mosque is open to all comers.