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The Pafos Aquarium

Photos and description

The aquarium, located right in the centre of Paphos town, is extremely popular among tourists and is the perfect place for a family holiday. Adults and children can find there a lot of new and exciting, because when you visit this place may seem, actually strolling on the sea floor.

Just the aquarium, there are 72 large reservoir that was created using the most modern technology made in USA filters, pumps and cleaning systems. In addition, each of these tanks is equipped with special lighting, really highlighting the beauty of the colors and forms of its interesting inhabitants. Also, the creators of the aquarium tried to approximate the conditions of detention of fish to the conditions of their natural habitat - the underwater landscape, waves, vegetation correspond to those in which they live in nature.

Rich living collection, which you can see in the aquarium of Paphos, consists of a huge variety of marine and freshwater fish that were brought there from all corners of the world - oceans, seas and rivers. Almost every kind of fish there has a funny nickname that causes particular concern in children - there is a fish-crow, "dog muzzle", and even fish-Professor. In addition, a real "pearl" of the aquarium is the huge tank for crocodiles.

Also inside the aquarium running a small restaurant, whose Windows offer spectacular views of the city harbour and Paphos Castle, and a large gift shop.

Unfortunately, currently the Pafos aquarium is closed.