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Kourion is one of the oldest and most famous ancient city-States of Cyprus. He is not very far from modern Paphos on the 70 meter hill. It was built in the XII century BC the Mycenaeans - one of those who took part in the legendary Trojan war. The city has existed for a long time, and throughout its history it belonged to different Nations: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines. Unfortunately, in the IV century it was completely destroyed by the earthquake.

This ancient city for a long time excites the minds of scientists, not only Cyprus, but also in other countries. For the first time its ruins were discovered in the nineteenth century, and ongoing excavations at the site started in the beginning of 30-ies of the last century and is still going on.

Though curio and survived much better than other ancient cities of the island, but on its territory there are only a few structures to determine which appointment was not difficult. For example, there you can see the ruins of the main gate of the city, which was named Paphos. Near them is a building that was called "mosaic of Achilles" thanks are distinguishable from the mosaic patterns on the floors and walls, depicting scenes of the heroic exploits of the famous Greek. The construction is a complex of several small buildings arranged in a rectangle and in the center is a large outdoor courtyard. Basically Kourion can be seen only the remains of walls and foundations of houses, administrative buildings and fortifications.

However, the most interesting landmark is the well-preserved amphitheatre, a visit to which will leave a lot of impressions. From the top of the stands is a beautiful view of the surrounding area and, in addition, there are still hosts performances.