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Cape Greco

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One of the most popular destinations of Protaras and all Cyprus - Cape Greco - attracts tourists with its beautiful scenery and crystal clear sea. The Cape is located between the Protaras and Ayia NAPA, but it is easily accessible by bike and on foot. It is the easternmost point of the island, which is under the control of the Republic of Cyprus.

This is a unique place, first of all, impresses with its beautiful caves that can be found on the West side of the Cape. They are very similar to the beautiful locks created by a brilliant architect. Looking at them, even impossible to believe that they were carved into the cliffs by the sea surf. Near the caves is the so-called "lovers ' bridge" - a unique rock that literally hangs over the water like a real bridge. In addition, on the Bank of rare and endangered plants, and the water very clean and clear so the scuba diving takes a lot of fun and will leave a lot of new experiences. It also offers underwater hunting.

But this place has one drawback, which has to be tolerated. On the edge of the cliff, overlooking the most beautiful view, lighthouse, surrounded by a fence. Therefore, the passage to the cliff for tourists and local residents closed. But despite this, the Cape can have a great time. There are plenty of gazebos and benches where you can hide from the bright sun and relax after a long walk.

Another point, which will undoubtedly add to the mystery and attractiveness in the eyes of tourists, is the legend of the monster, which, according to local residents, lives in the coastal waters of the Cape. Though it is believed that the basis of this legend began in ancient Greek myths and stories about the deadly Scylla, Cypriots themselves are called "local" monster "To Filiko Teras", which means "a friendly monster".