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Agia Solomoni Catacombs

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Just a few kilometers from the port town of Paphos, is one of the most revered Christian shrines of Cyprus - Agia solomoni catacombs. Just before the entrance to the cave grows old pistachio tree, which is a kind of "guardian" of this place. People believe that, tied to its branches its a personal thing, it is possible to get healed from all diseases. Now this tree has already completely covered with various ornaments, handkerchiefs, belts and other things.

This place received its name in honor of St. Solomonia, whose relics are still stored in one of the caves of the hill. According to legend, Saint Solomonia and her seven sons settled in these catacombs approximately in II century BC after escaping from Palestine. But soon they were captured and took all martyred.

Themselves catacombs were dug under the hill, the Factory in the IV century BC and were used as places for burials. And only at the dawn of this century there settled the first Christians of the island.

They have created a few more caves, which are arranged in the form of a cross, and a beautiful underground Church, which became famous due to its amazing frescoes and paintings. It is believed that they appeared much later than the Church itself - in the times of the crusaders. Fortunately, they are in quite good condition has been preserved to our days.

The main attraction of the catacombs is considered to be a sacred source, water from which was taken the first Christians who settled there. Recently, however, due to the large number wishing to stock this life-giving water, the source is a bit shallow and the water muddy. But, according to knowledgeable people, this does not affect its healing properties.