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Ledra Street

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Located almost in the heart of Nicosia, Ledra street is one of the main shopping streets of the city. Its length is slightly more than one kilometer, but it is in two countries - the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus. Your name street received the name of the ancient city, which once was located on the place where later was built.

A large part Ledri, about 800 meters, is located in the Greek part of the island, approximately 150 meters high, located on the Turkish territory. The remaining 70 meters are to anyone not belonging to the buffer zone, which today is the United Nations peacekeeping forces. Military staged its headquarters in the famous hotel "Ledra". Surprisingly, initially, their task was protecting the Turkish inhabitants of the island from terrorist attacks by the Greek Cypriots, which have increased in the middle of the last century. At the time of Ledru is even called "the dead mile" because of the constant bloody fighting.

Ledra is now safe and pedestrian - where you can stroll, relax on benches and shop in local stores and kiosks.

Until recently, the street was shared by the barricade with a width of three meters. But in 2008, Ledra was open, which was a significant event for the island, as was another step to establish a dialogue between the two countries. Now to cross the border, the citizens of the southern part of the island need only to produce documents, but the Turkish Cypriots have yet to undergo a full procedure until the visa stamp in the passport.