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The cave Church of Panagia Chrysospiliotissa in Deftera

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Amazing cave Church of Panagia Chrysospiliotissa, located in the village of Kato Deftera, which is located just 11 kilometers South-West of Nicosia, is one of the most ancient temples of the island. Some historians believe that as early as the bronze age people in this place and prayed one of the pagan goddesses of fertility.

The Church, which is also called Church of the Holy mother of God Golden Cave was founded, as is clear from its name, in honor of the virgin. According to one legend, once upon a time, local residents discovered in the rock cave in which glimmered some light. When they went inside, they found an amazing two-sided icon of the virgin. Then they built in that place a temple. However, it is not known exactly when and by whom it was created.

Unique later the icon was transferred to the Church of St. Nicholas, which stands in the centre of Deftera, where it is stored until now. But every year in August, on the feast of the assumption, solemnly bear her to the cave Church of Panagia Chrysospiliotissa. At the same time in the village held a religious fair.

The Church itself consists of three small rooms carved into the rock. Between these spaces are connected by narrow corridors. Scientists believe that this place was previously a monastery. Now to the entrance of the caves that are located high enough above the ground, for the convenience of visitors was a fortified staircase.

Currently, this Church is very popular among the young girls who come to the cave temple to pray to the virgin and to ask her to have a happy marriage and healthy children.