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Castle Buffavento

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Lovely old castle Buffavento is located on one of the mountain peaks in the Northern part of Cyprus near the town of Girne (Kyrenia) at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level. So it got its poetic name, which in Italian means "protection from wind" or "challenge the wind".

This building was built in the Kyrenia mountains between the castles of Kantara and St. Hilarion, with the aim of protect the area from Arab raids. Due to this arrangement of fortifications was easy enough to control the most important mountain passages - between the castles was established a special alert system with signal lights.

Originally the castle was built, historians believe, by Byzantines in the eleventh century. Later, after the territory came under the control of Lusignan in the XIV century, Buffavento was rebuilt and fortified. The French began to use it as a prison for dangerous criminals, which he called "the Castle of the lion". According to some sources, the majority of prisoners died there of starvation. However, after a short time, when Buffavento passed into the hands of the Venetians, he stopped playing such a significant role in the defense of the territory and was gradually abandoned.

Buffavento consisted of two levels - on the bottom housed a barracks and warehouse space, which was accessed through a large arched gate. About a 20 minute walk from the gate was the upper level, where were the other buildings, including a chapel.

Today, the castle remained, unfortunately, only ruins. However, this place is worth to go there - the view from there, truly fascinating.