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Valley of the windmills

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One of the most memorable and amazing places, the small resort town of Protaras, which is located in the South-East of Cyprus, is the Valley of windmills. It is just a few kilometers from the beautiful sandy beach, if you go inland, near the Cape of Cavo Greco and the small village of Paralimni. This area is also called the "Red lands", and it is traditionally a place of growing fruits and vegetables, but mostly locals in there are cultivated first-class potatoes.

As the territory occupied field is quite extensive, and the climate of Cyprus is wet enough for the cultivation of many crops, for irrigation of farmland and built a system of windmills-pumps, which quickly became a real draw for tourists. After all, despite such a prosaic purpose, several hundred standing there wind turbines that make a truly lasting impression, turning the valley into a very romantic place, where you like to walk vacationers.

These windmills constantly supply energy to the irrigation system, thus, forces of nature, are regularly watering plants on the vast fields of this part of the island.

In addition, the role that this place has become so popular, was the fact that Protaras is only a resort town, there is virtually no special attractions, except beaches, Museum and several churches. And besides, the valley of the windmills is really easy to get, it will not require any material costs, but will leave unforgettable impressions.