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Salt lake

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One of the most picturesque places of Larnaca is considered to be a large salt lake located to the West of the city. Actually, it's not just the lake, is a lake system consisting of four separate reservoirs - Aliki Orphani, Soros, and Spiro, with a total area of over 5 sq. km.

According to legend, once upon a time this place was a beautiful vineyard. Once passed him, Saint Lazarus is the patron Saint of Larnaca. Seeing beautiful berries, he asked the hostess a bunch of grapes. However, the greedy old woman did not want to entertain passers-by and said to the Holy that all the grapes are gone. Then he asked what she had in baskets that stand on the ground. Without hesitation, the older woman said, "Salt." Then Lazarus said, "Salt? So let it be!". Ever since this place appeared a lake with salt-salt water.

As for the official versions of the origin of the lake, scientists still cannot come to a consensus about this. Some believe that in the reservoir, the salt gets from her rich soil. Others believe that all the fault of sea water that regularly seeps into the lake through underground springs. This version is confirmed by the fact that the chemical composition of sea and lake water is almost the same.

In summer the water in the lake completely dries, leaving on the surface a huge amount of salt. But when it full of water, there flies a huge number of birds, including rare species. In General, the lake and its shores home to about 85 species of birds - common crane, black-headed gull, lapwing sparsely and, of course, some of the most beautiful birds in the world - pink flamingos.

Today this place is a protected area. And before there salt was mined on an industrial basis, which is even exported to many countries.