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Bellapais Abbey

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In the Northern (Turkish) part of Cyprus a few kilometres from the town of Kyrenia is the small village of Bellapais. The main attraction of this village is the Abbey of Bellapais - monastery, founded for monks of the Augustine, but later handed over to their brethren of the Premonstratensian order. It was constructed in several stages: it began in 1198, but the basic premises were erected in XIII century by order of king Hugh III of Lusignan, and in the XIV century, thanks to his successor, there was a pavilion and refectory, built in the Gothic style, and was also a yard of the Abbey.

In 1246, sir Roger the Norman gave the monastery the fragment of the True cross, as well as 600 gold coins - Besancon - in exchange for the prayers of the monks for the salvation of the soul of the Roger Norman and his wife, lady Alix. But, unfortunately, this precious relic, which made the world famous Abbey, was lost after the monastery was plundered during the invasion of Bellapais Genoese. Soon the monks themselves left the place.

Now Abbey is a ruined complex from which the best preserved Church located at the entrance, and the hostel where he lived the monks, and the chamber.

Despite the fact that at the moment of the monastery ruins on its territory a Museum, a restaurant and a café where you can taste local dishes. In addition, in the hall for meals, with excellent acoustics, a yearly music festival.