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National forest Park KaVo gkreko

Photos and description

The Park KaVo gkreko is located in the Eastern part of the famous Cape Greco (Ayia NAPA) and covers an area of over 385 hectares. The main purpose of creating the Park, which was declared a National nature reserve was to preserve the unique nature and landscape of this part of the island, as well as attracting more tourists to Cyprus.

On the territory of the Greco now grows over 400 species of plants, including 14 unique species that can be found only in this place and 14, which are extremely rare. In addition, the Park boasts a fine collection of orchids, which has more than 30 species.

The Park is famous for its juniper groves and beautiful views of the sea, which is in that part of the island's stunning turquoise color. This Cape is perfect for diving, fishing and spearfishing in the sea off the coast of eels and octopus, fish-needle, and sea bass.

Greco is very popular among tourists - this place is literally made for long Hiking and Cycling, for which there were equipped with special trails. In addition, the Park also has a private viewing deck and picnic areas and even a tour Desk.

So, it is possible to visit the ruins of the temple of Venus and visit the cave of the Cyclops. But to get to the caves and grottoes in the huge limestone rock on the coast, will have to take a boat. These beautiful caves palaces formed by the waves of the surf, which for many centuries fought against the rocks. Also in the Park of Cavo Greco is famous two-kilometer trail of Aphrodite.