/ / Panagia Chryssopolitissa Chruch and the column of SV. Paul

Panagia Chryssopolitissa Chruch and the column of SV. Paul

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The ruins of one of the largest and most famous of the early Christian basilicas of Cyprus Chrysopolitissa is located near the city of Paphos harbour.

It was erected the IV century. However, already in the VII century, during another Arab RAID, the Basilica was completely destroyed. From the construction to the present day survived only the amazing beauty of mosaics with floral and geometric designs, as well as several columns which even left inscriptions made by the invaders. Later, according to one source - in the XII century, on the other - in the XV, on the ruins was built the Byzantine Church, which was named the Church of St. Kyriaki. It is still in excellent condition, and it is now held by the Catholic and Anglican services.

Also, this place is famous because according to legend, in one of the columns, which is on the North-Eastern side of the temple, as punishment for preaching the Romans bound Paul, to beat with whips. Unfortunately, now from this column was only one marble pedestal. In addition, it is believed that in this temple the Apostle first brought Christianity to the Roman official, who at that time was vicar of the Empire on the island, Sergius Paulus.

The Church famously became the first place that was visited by Pope Benedict XVI, when in 2010 went on a journey "in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul."

Now in this area carried out large-scale archaeological excavations. There have been found remains of a sanctuary of Aphrodite, as well as another Christian Church, which was destroyed by an earthquake.