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Kyrenia castle

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Kyrenia castle is located in the old harbour of the ancient town of Kyrenia. The castle was built by the Venetians in the XVI century on the ruins of a large castle that appeared in the times of the crusaders. But originally this building was built in the VII century by the Byzantines to guard their territories against the Arab invaders. It was rebuilt several times, as well as constantly passed from hand to hand. In the end, he was captured by the English king Richard the Lionheart, later gave his dynasty of Lusignan. After that, in the period from 1208 to 1211 the year, the castle was almost completely rebuilt: its area increased significantly, there is a new tower and front entrance, and built a special Royal residence. However, as a result of the war with the Genoese fortress was badly damaged. Its restoration and reconstruction were done by the Venetians. But despite all their efforts, the Turks managed to capture the newly built castle and turn it into a military base.

After Cyprus gained independence, the castle was opened for tourists, though during the Greco-Turkish clashes, it has been used for military purposes.

Now the fortress is one of the most interesting museums - shipwreck Museum, where you can look at the wreckage of the ancient ship of IV century BC, discovered in 1965. There are also artefacts, icons and works of art. In addition, the castle is a beautiful Byzantine Church of Saint George, which was just recently restored.