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The Park "Friends of the Cyprus donkeys"

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Cyprus has always been a special attitude to the donkeys. For a long time these animals played a large role in the life of the Cypriots: they were virtually the only means of transportation, they were used during the construction, collection and transport of the crop. At the same time, unlike horses, donkeys are quite unpretentious care and food. However, over time people no longer need the help of these animals, and sometimes leave them on the streets, on the roads and in the fields. Because of this, there are many stray donkeys that were unable to survive on their own without human help.

To remedy the situation on the island in 1994 was created by a charitable organization called "Friends of the Cyprus donkeys". Thanks to her efforts near Limassol there is a special Park where these abandoned, and often the wounded and sick donkeys were able to find shelter. The Park itself is located in a very beautiful scenic location and has a fairly large area, there is a lot of greenery, and for tourists laid a neat track and organized picnic areas.

Visitors can feed the animals special food, or a carrot, which you can buy in the Park and take a walk and take a picture with the vending donkey. Especially this place is popular with the children.

Since the creation of the organization "Friends of the Cyprus donkeys" and its activities learned almost the whole world. People from different countries send her money for the animals. In addition, visitors to the Park can also contribute to a good cause and join the ranks of the "Friends" for a year or more. For this you just need to pay a membership fee.